Introducing SineStack

The future of clean, efficient battery energy storage systems

Designed and manufactured in Europe, our battery storage solution is part of the clean energy revolution. Created to help make the grid resilient for the future.

Lowest LCOS:

Precise control of every module enables higher energy extraction per cycle. SineStack drives down the levelized cost of storage by combining a 12,000 cycle lifetime with a class-leading 92% round-trip efficiency.

Compact Footprint:

With the smallest footprint in its class, revenue per square meter is maximized. The integrated power conversion system and liquid thermal management minimize energy losses, providing operational redundancy and optimizing battery use to extend lifetime.

Smart Control:

Our in-house software stack incorporates Active Health Control, which adjusts each module’s power output to ensure maximum system lifetime without compromising performance. The result – up to 30% more lifetime.

Safety at Every Level:

From design and development to deployment and operation to service and maintenance, we design our products with safety at the core. Sophisticated early protection measures with advanced prognostics are designed to reduce downtime to zero. Thanks to our modular topology, multiple modules can be taken offline without reducing full power capability.


More Energy

SineStack’s modular multi-level inverters control smaller cell groups than typically found, unlocking more of the cell energy at system level by eliminating weakest link limitations.

Longer Life

Advanced state-of-health monitoring and prediction algorithms combined with distributed inverter architecture enable SineStack to achieve more energy capacity from each cycle. That means more efficient and consistent operation over its 12,000 cycle lifetime than other systems.

Minimize Downtime

With a highly redundant architecture, SineStack ensures maximum availability. Predictive diagnostics further reduce the need for a full system shutdown. So you can maintain maximum operational availability.

Near-Silent Operation

Our fully integrated, high efficiency liquid cooling system with optimum fan placement results in an exceptionally quiet system. Further reducing environmental impact.

Optimized Control

Every cell’s health metrics are tracked and degradation trajectories are simulated by a digital twin. Over-the-air parameter updates allow the control software to adjust operating conditions, ensuring maximum energy.

Ultimate Flexibility

SineStack guarantees a cost-effective and simplified expansion. Featuring a usable capacity of 790 kWh and a 400 kVA output (400 Vac 3-ph), it’s modular and scalable, offering unmatched flexibility.

Your Energy, Your Terms

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